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Welcome to The Manufacturing Exchange – the podcast that is 100% focused on the leaders of small and mid-size manufacturers!

Running a manufacturing business is tough.  You need to do many of the same things that the big companies do, but you can’t afford all the specialists that roam the halls of those Fortunate 500 companies.  That’s where this podcast comes in.  We’re going to talk with people that have the deep expertise that you’re looking for, and we’re going to share it with you in a way that is practical, approachable, and most-of-all, actionable.

The podcast will be released weekly, and they will be 25 to 30 minutes long.  In each episode, we’ll focus on ONE topic related to the leadership and management of a small or mid-size manufacturing company.  I’ve pulled together a group of people to interview on the podcast that I know and trust.  They are experts in their field, and the GET leadership in a small and mid-size manufacturer.

Some of the topics will cover include sales, marketing, strategy, operations, ownership, talent, operating systems, finance, and more.

This podcast is an extension of another project – a monthly newsletter that I started publishing last fall.  The newsletter covers 4-6 topics each month, and those articles will be the fuel for the podcast interviews. You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here.

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